Daniel with Synthesizer

Daniel McKemie is an electronic musician, percussionist, and composer based in New York City. Currently, he is focusing on technology that seeks to utilize the internet and web browser technology to realize a more accessible platform for multimedia art. He is also researching and developing new ways of interfacing handmade circuitry, modular synthesizers, and embedded systems to various softwares both new and old. This recent work has allowed for complex, interactive performance environments to emerge, in which software generates compositional processes and actions in the form of analog signals sent to the hardware, and software that can analyze said signals from the hardware to determine musical behaviors.

His music focuses on the boundaries of musical systems, both electronic and acoustic, that are on the verge of collapse. The power in the brittleness of these boundaries, often dictates more than the composer or performers can control, which is very welcomed. In addition to electronic music, Daniel is an active percussionist, having premiered dozens of new works for the repertoire, including many with The William Winant Percussion Group. Active as an instrumental composer, he has written for solo, chamber, mixed media, and radio broadcast formats, and also served as an assistant transcriber and orchestrator for Roscoe Mitchell on pieces from his Conversations collection.

Daniel has provided music for and worked with a number of different artists and companies in various capacities including: Roscoe Mitchell, New York Deaf Theatre, Pauline Oliveros, Funsch Dance Experience, Ryan Ross Smith, The William Winant Percussion Group, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, The Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra, Nick Wang, Christian Wolff, Bob Ostertag, and Steve Schick, among others.