Tuneable Keyboard Tool

A tool for users to assign frequency values to individual keys in order to hear melody lines, intervals, and harmonies in customized tuning systems.

Current waveform:

Instructions: Users are to enter frequencies (in Hz) into each respective box indicated to the left (decimal numbers welcome!). Users need not enter numbers into every box, but 15 options are available. Once numbers are entered, click the TUNE IT UP! button below to build your keyboard! Users then click on the corresponding numbered keys to hear the frequencies played back. Any boxes without a number input will simply not play a sound. To input new frequency values, simply refresh the page.

You have the option of using your own text file to load frequencies to prevent duplicative work of manually re-entering them each visit. You may click "Choose File", upload your txt file, and then click TUNE IT UP! Your values will populate into the inputs and the keys will appear as normal. The format of your file should be your frequency values, separated by commas, with no spaces, such as: 134.23,378.12,822.2122, ... etc.. Note that you must have 15 values for the file to upload properly, any gaps or extra values in your list can be replaced with zeros, such as: 13.23,37.12,82.25,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 OR 12.2,42,7,0,0,0,89.9,91,0,0, ... etc. There is a Sample Preset txt file linked below.

This tool is MIDI compatabile! The numbers next to each box (48, 49, 50, etc.) correspond to MIDI Note CC numbers. Users may plug in their own MIDI keyboards to work with their constructed scales (note: use Chrome for best results with MIDI). More information on MIDI note assignments can be found HERE.

Polyphony is available when using a MIDI keyboard, but not yet with mouse clicks. Additionally, different waveforms are available when using mouse clicks, but the waveform defaults to triangle when using a MIDI keyboard. It is my hope to have this all ironed out in the near future.

This tool is very much in the prototype phase and is meant to be a useful thing for the community. If you have any ideas or suggestions on expansion/improvements, please drop me a line at info [at] danielmckemie [dot] com!

Sample Preset File