Composites 1 - Demo

The purpose of this demo is to show real-time generation of animated/graphic notation in the web browser through the analysis of an audio signal. The pitch of an oscillator is dictating the output of the accompanying parts. In the first half of the video, that oscillator is not heard, but is still being read by the browser, while the rest of the synthesizer is being played. As the video progresses, the signal generating the notations is heard (and is also modulating another oscillator). There is a second demo beginning at 3 minutes, illustrating the same ideas. Full instructions and score can be acquired by contacting me directly.

COMPOSITES 1 for Modular Synthesizer Soloist and Four Accompanists is a real- time, graphically notated work for modular synthesizer soloist and four accompaniment parts that utilizes the power of Node.js, WebSockets, Web Audio, and CSS to realize an OS-agnostic and web-deliverable electroacoustic composition that can be accessed on any device with a web browser.

Further information on the technology stack and aesthetic ideas behind the work can be found in my paper located on page 383 in the 2019 Proceedings of the Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research Conference.


Composites 1 is for modular synthesizer soloist and four accompanists. The accompanying parts can be played on any instruments, electronic or acoustic. The soloist acts as a “host” in which they plug in one unmodulated signal with a stable pitch, into their computer. They are then instructed to perform as planned (or improvise), with their signal entering the browser page on the server side (please see full instructions for setup). Each accompanying player then accesses their respective webpages, which will display the notations used for performance. There are four primary elements in the notation: shape, word, staff, and color. The shapes and words are left to the discretion of the performer to interpret how they wish, the staff is a reference to the pitch that the performer can focus on, and the colors are assigned as follows:

It is not assumed that the player can or will follow all four of these elements at the same time. The player is encouraged to navigate the screen, pulling out musically rich possibilities that they may see as fit in the moment. The ultimate goal of the accompanists is not only to support the soloist, but also each other.